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Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the front surface of the eye and inner eyelid.  Conjunctivitis comes in several forms such as an infection, an allergic reaction or chemical reaction.  Pink Eye, a common form of Conjunctivitis is caused by a bacteria or virus.  An allergic reaction can be seasonal (pollen), material (fabrics) or man-made (cosmetic).  Last is the chemical reaction that can be caused by irritants like chlorine or cleaning products.

Symptoms include red eyes, tearing, watery eyes, itchy or scratchy feeling, inflammation and swelling in the inner eyelids.  There may be a discharge with certain forms of Conjunctivitis.

Treatment at the root is to remove the irritant.  Wash hands and refrain from touching eyes and eyelids.  Wash all materials in contact with eyes such as linens, towels, facecloths and eyewear.  Toss all eye makeup that has come in contact with your infected eyes as you may be re-infecting by applying those products.  Avoid swimming and any chemical products.  Seek immediate professional help from a qualified eye doctor.