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What Sets Us Apart

Diversity of Services

Offering highly technological and comprehensive eye care, very few clinics in the world offer the diversity of services we have available. These include but are not limited to Vision Shaping Treatment (VST), iTherapy Learning Centre, Ocular nutrition and vitamins, our Dry Eye Centre of Excellence, and our state of the art instruments and technology to detect subtle eye health problems years in advance.

Our Patient Experience

Our goal is to provide high performance vision through redefined eye care and eyewear. At Lynn Valley, we believe the little things mean everything, which is why you’ll find a modern yet welcoming environment fully equipped with a Nespresso Bar and an Xbox Kinect. Our team always looks for ways to ensure your visit exceeds your expectations.

A Number of Firsts

The medical profession is always advancing and innovating. It takes commitment and investment to ensure that our practice is always on the right side of history. We pride ourselves in being leaders in our industry who invest in new technologies, new methodologies and new patient experiences.

Our Location

North Vancouver

Westcoast designer Susan Taubensee created the new Lynn Valley practice to provide you with a relaxing and unique experience in eye care and eyewear. Our Optometry Clinic is located in the Lynn Valley Village where you can browse between over 1000 frames and 150 sunglasses to personalize your prescription.

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Lynn Valley Optometry
255 - 1233 Lynn Valley Road
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Please note: We are closed for the long weekend Saturday June 29th and July 1st (Canada Day).

Our Services

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