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An Eye Wellness Exam Assesses Your Lifestyle and Eye Health

More Than Your Eyes

Eye wellness starts with overall wellness. Our Eye Wellness Exam gathers important information about your overall eye health as well as provides valuable insight into how your lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, may be impacting your optical health.

A Holistic Approach Yields Strong Return

By focusing on the person as opposed to simply the problem, we are able to see great results. Many people don’t realize how interconnected their eyes are with the rest of their body.

Using State of the Art Technology

We achieve optimal vision correction by using the latest technology in glasses, contact lenses, and surgical treatment options.

Education is Included

We work with you to identify areas in your life where small changes could have an impact on your eye health. We will discuss nutrition, physical activity, and overall physical wellness as an important and integrated part of your treatment.

Eye Wellness Is an Important Part of Your Health

We Are Our Partners in Long-Lasting Eye Wellness

Many people don’t realize how small improvements in eye health or ability can have dramatic impacts on their overall quality of life. Ask us how we can help you see and feel better!

A Bespoke Treatment Plan For You

Every patient is different, and for that reason we conduct thorough tests to ensure that our treatment recommendations are based on good, accurate information.

Our Location

North Vancouver

Westcoast designer Susan Taubensee created the new Lynn Valley practice to provide you with a relaxing and unique experience in eye care and eyewear. Our Optometry Clinic is located in the Lynn Valley Village where you can browse between over 1000 frames and 150 sunglasses to personalize your prescription.

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Vision Therapy Reviews

  • Vision Therapy has helped me become an all-around solid reader. When reading books, I now fully understand what is happening and I don’t have to read one part in a book over and over to understand. I can also read fast while still understanding. My eyes are also being much more efficient, which is making me less tired when I read.

    Max, Age 12

  • Before Vision Therapy, I was seeing double vision and I couldn’t see the board. Now I can see the board and I can only see double vision when I cross my eyes!

    Alida, Age 8

  • I have improved in spelling because I get better grades. Before I was getting C’s and B’s in spelling, and now I’m getting A’s. I have improved in Math because before I didn’t know my times tables that good. I didn’t know 7 x 9, and now I know it’s 63, and I get better grades. Now I can draw better and more detailed pictures. I don’t have very much headaches and stomach aches any more, and my eyes don’t hurt when I read, and they don’t get tired anymore, so I read a lot more.

    Micheal, Age 11

  • When Michael first visited the optometrist he was experiencing frequent headaches and tummy aches, as well as sore, tired eyes. His grades were slipping at school and he disliked reading. He was beginning to consider himself as “dumb”. The combination of eye glasses and vision therapy has made a world of difference to Michael...

    From Michael’s Mother - Read More

  • Jason was in grade 2 when he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. He had coordination issues and had a hard time with motor skills. We had him thoroughly tested by various specialists. His ears and eyes checked out fine. He was placed on drugs at 8 years old...

    Jason, Age 15 (from his mother) - Read More

  • Vision Therapy has made a huge difference to what I see. Even though I’m halfway through, the changes have been nothing but extraordinary. My peripheral vision and depth-perception has improved, making driving and parking, especially in tight spaces, a whole lot easier. Before, I would panic and give up. Now I have much more awareness and I no longer have to worry about hitting things. Considering I had my eyes cosmetically operated on three times, it’s an overall amazing change.

    Alex, Age 21