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Myopia Affects About

We’re Here to Help You With Mypoia Control.

Lynn Valley Optometry is one of Canada's leading myopia treating centres

One of Canada’s Leading Myopia Treatment Centres

Lynn Valley Optometry is one of the leading centres in Canada offering the most diverse methods to slow down prescription changes due to Myopia.

Effective treatment options are available at Lynn Valley Optometry

Effective Treatment Options are Available

As a patient of our clinic you will have access to the latest technologies for preventing Myopia.

Lynn Valley Optometry is your great partners in Optimized Visual Performance

We are Your Partners in Optimized Visual Performance

If you’re living with Myopia, ask us how we can help. We are experienced in treating Myopia and have many options available to you.

We’re Here to Help You With
Myopia Control

In addition to optical treatments, we may also provide insight on other lifestyle choices that can help mitigate Myopia. Your Optometrist will walk you through dietary, environmental, and lifestyle changes that are known to assist with Myopia.

Myopia Exam

It Starts With

In order for us to formulate an effective treatment regimen we must first get an accurate assessment of the current state of your eyes. One of our Optometrists will provide you with a clear perspective on the current state of Myopia and what your treatment options are.


Myopia Treatment Options: Can you prevent my prescription from getting worse?

Lynn Valley Optometry is one of the leading centers in Canada offering the most diverse methods to slow down prescription changes due to Myopia. Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness, or difficulty in seeing distant objects.

Why do traditional eyewear and contact lenses make things worse?

One reasoning for increasing Myopia with traditional lenses is that they under correct the Myopia in the peripheral retina. Figure 3 below shows when myopic eyes are corrected with traditional spectacle or contact lenses, the retinal image is in focus at the central retina (green line). However images are projected behind the retina peripherally (yellow and blue lines), which is a strong signal for increasing Myopia by axial elongation of the eye. The goal would then be to provide treatment modalities that would project images on or in front of the peripheral retina which has an effect of sending a stop signal to the eye to manage eye elongation (see Figure 4). The eye simply stops growing, thanks to the Peripheral Management technology.

Can Changing Our Diet Help?

Studies have shown higher rates of Myopia in societies with a diet of highly refined sugars and cereals, high saturated fat, low protein consumption, and high carbohydrate intake causing increased insulin levels. Possible nutrients that help with blood sugar regulation may help slow down Myopia include chromium, potassium, Omega 3 fatty acids, amino acid complex, Vitamin C, bilberry, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid. More studies are required in this area if there is a causal link.